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A word that transcends the ages. One that can have so many connotations to so many people. Grace Antiques draws out that same quality in its wares. Each piece here will evoke a different feeling for each viewer. Each piece here will bring a slice of timelessness and individuality to your home.


It all started when...

“On a cold rainy Friday evening  She asked Him to go to an auction. She bought an old breakfront, with what appeared to be random pieces of a bed frame. She said it converted to a day bed? After extensive research work at the Patent Office in Washington, DC it turned out to be one of the last of its’ kind. From the early 20’s what was once a prolific piece of New York City apartment furniture, a Murphy Bed.  It converted any room in an apartment into a guest bedroom. Today, a nostalgic and unique American antique desired by many Museums. Thus began the passionate affair with auctions. Now years later the affair has given birth to Grace.”